Movie Review – “Get Out”


Cutthroat, comedic commentary.

For weeks, I have been looking forward to the release of Get Out.

A horror-comedy by Jordan Peele about racism?!



The film follows Chris, a black man who goes with his cookie-cutter white girlfriend Rose to her hometown to meet her family.

What ensues is a thrill ride of hilarity, scares, and all too relevant social commentary.


The monster in the film isn’t a serial killer or an alien. The monster is casual racism.

Before Chris and Rose leave for their trip, he asks her: Do your parents know I’m black?

The trouble starts when Rose hits a deer on the road, and the cop at the scene asks Chris to present his ID (even though he wasn’t driving).

Rose’s father talks about Jesse Owens, calls their relationship a “thaaang”, and solemnly informs Chris that he would vote for a third Obama term if he could.

Her brother comments that Chris’ physique puts him at an advantage over white people.

Their suburban friends tell him about how they know Tiger Woods, and ask Rose if his penis truly is large.

The film moves forward with its casual racism, and Chris starts to notice a sinister plot unfolding around him, as the weekend stay becomes more and more disturbing.

The film, while hilarious, is truly terrifying.

Get Out can stand on its own as a horror movie. The pacing is terrific, the thrills are intense, and the climax is excellent.

All of this is sprinkled with steady doses of hilarity, making it all the more watchable.

The most terrifying thing about the film, however, is the racism that it explores. The entire film is a metaphor for what many black people face every day. It’s not just a terrifically fun film, but also one that will make you think. I can only applaud Jordan Peele for creating such a fun and necessary piece at a time in our history where race is at the forefront of social issues.

As far as technical aspects, the film is beautifully shot and lit, bringing to life Rose’s parents’ foreboding house and the forest that surrounds it.

Keep an eye out for Daniel Kaluuya in the future as well. I recently saw him on an episode of Black Mirror, and was ecstatic to see him on the screen. His smug, relatable, hilarious, and altogether strong performance was at the center of the film.


See it.

You’ll laugh, jump, and squeeze the hell out of your chair, all in the same scene. Get Out is thought-provoking and one of the best horror movies in recent memory.




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