Movie Review – “La La Land”


Was I dreaming?

Very rarely do movies revoke pure emotion from me like La La Land did. There were multiple times during the film that I caught myself smiling out of pure glee and overwhelming feeling at what was going on onscreen.


The film is surreal, romantic, heartbreaking, catching, uplifting, joyous, and altogether honest.

La La Land follows a romance between a struggling actress and a talented but unlucky jazz pianist living in modern day Los Angeles.

Every aspect of the film pops, and it flows like one of the many pieces of pleasant, riotous jazz music featured in the film.

Technically, the film is stunning.

The cinematography is simple yet crisp – nearly every scene is shot in one fluid take that moves along to the rhythm of the music. Directing, writing, and editing such precise and bombastic scenes takes skill, one that would rival that of Damien Chazelle, the writer/director behind Whiplash, another musical extravaganza (and arguably the best film of the past few years).


(Oh wait. La La Land was written and directed by Damien Chazelle. Makes sense, huh?)

La La Land sees Chazelle reach new heights, with more extravagant scenes, camerawork, colors, lighting, and choreography. The only word to describe it is spectacle.


I would tell you to keep Chazelle on your director watchlist, but…I don’t know if it gets better than this!

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are picture perfect.

La La Land hearkens to the romantic musical films of Hollywood’s golden age, and Gosling & Stone are picture perfect in bringing that feel to life. They are full of charisma, heart, relatability, humor, and talent. They will blow you away with their musical and dramatic talents, and fiery euphoria erupts from them in every scene. giphy-2.gif

See it.

Every detail in the film is pristine. From the smallest set design choice, to the biggest musical number, La La Land is a work of romantic mastery that will leave you feeling like you just woke up from a dream.




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