Movie Review – “Don’t Breathe”

Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 2.19.23 PM.png

Chilling, thrilling, and brutal.

I was skeptical going into the theater to see Don’t Breathe. I knew that the movie was about a few kids breaking into a blind man’s house and his retaliation; a cool concept, sure, but how long could this plot really be stretched out over the length of a feature film?

While I had expected to go in and end up like this….




Because GOD DAMN will this movie put you through the ringer.

(I mean that in the best way. And I was partially right about the plot.t).

After about 10 minutes of necessary backstory to make it known that none of these characters are completely morally reprehensible…


(Except for maybe cornrow douchebag guy)

We jump right into the action in this movie. And it





Fede Alvarez has MORE than enough tricks and twists up his sleeve to keep the story going, all while using heart-racing thrills to keep you glued to the edge of your seat.


(Me, the entire freaking movie)

The idea to have three clueless kids break into an old, ex-military, crazy blind man’s house is ingenious. And don’t worry; the blind guy is definitely NOT innocent.

Seamless, chilling techniques

The film is flawless in its technical aspects. The lighting, camera work, sound, and editing are all fantastic. There are multiple long steadicam takes in the film, which build suspense and make it even more interesting to watch. Most of all, the sound mixing is phenomenal (as it should be for a movie called DON’T BREATHE that deals with a blind dude). The silences…are deafening.


(sorry for that one).

The actors put in a few terrific performances, particularly Jane Levy, Stephen Lang, and




The film sometimes falls short in terms of plot and dialogue. We don’t really care about these characters, besides the fact that they are all being terrorized. It also gets to be a bit overlong at just a measly 88 minutes, due to the fact that the movie has about 7 endings.

But Don’t Breathe doesn’t really care about any of these things. It will punch you in the gut and scare the life out of you while not caring about your complaints. This is the first movie I think I’ve ever seen where my hand was in physical pain because of how hard I was squeezing it.

See it.

It set out to scare the pants off of us. And that it did.




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