Movie Review – “Zootopia”


Disney adds another thoughtful, compelling, and entertaining film to it’s canon.

“Zootopia” is a movie that couldn’t have been released at a better time. Considering everything that is going on this election year…

I don’t want to make this too political, but….

I’m going to.

The movie addresses themes and issues that I feel very strongly about.

But before I get into that…

The film is beautiful and genuinely hilarious for kids and adults alike.

“Zootopia” is filled with beautiful animation, compelling characters, and a fast-paced story. The movie wastes no time in introducing the main characters and getting the ball rolling. Within the first 15 minutes, our main bunny Judy Hopps has already grown up, moved to Zootopia, and joined the police force.


Judy is a cute, funny, and inspiring character that will speak to children and adults alike.

Though the main story/caper is sort of…


The film will keep you reeled in with its pace and a steady stream of entertaining scenes. Though more than a few references/jokes will go over your child’s head (including an entire parody of the opening of “The Godfather”), there is enough slapstick and child-friendly humor to entertain younglings.

The scene at the DMV, featuring sloths, is painfully hilarious.giphy.gif

Your child will leave the movie satisfied, but “Zootopia” will resonate more with adults than anyone else.

It has a surprising amount of heartfelt drama, and a socially conscious message.

The filmmakers could have had no idea what was going to be happening when they conceived this film, but the timing of it’s release is impeccable. The movie uses different species of animals as a metaphor for people of different race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender. The main issue that the film deals with is the fact that “predators” and “prey” live together in society, and that the “prey” start to build an irrational fear of the “predators”. Protests and civil unrest begin, and it is eerily analogous to what is happening every day around the country. The animals scapegoat predators just like some people scapegoat Muslims, minorities, and different people in general.

There is a quote towards the end of the movie that goes something like, “Zootopia isn’t perfect because we ignore each others’ differences. Zootopia is perfect because it is flawed, and because we recognize, accept, and celebrate the differences.” It was a beautifully resonant moment, and one that I think is important for everyone to see.


See it.

Not only is it an all-around good time for the family, but a vehicle for change and acceptance at a time when we need it most.






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