Movie Review – “Deadpool”



I didn’t have many expectations going into “Deadpool”. I haven’t read the comics and I really know nothing about the character, save for what I heard in the hype leading up to it – he is a hilariously inappropriate, fourth-wall breaking antihero. I must say that “Deadpool” is probably my favorite film in the X-Men series to date, and is the 2nd funniest/most entertaining movie under the Marvel umbrella, after “Guardians of the Galaxy”.

Leave your good taste at the door. This movie rolls in its own (definitely R-rated) humor.


(very funny, Deadpool)

Part of this film’s appeal is definitely the shock value. It is probably the most indecently hilarious and inappropriate hero film I have ever seen, and it basks in it’s own glory. At some point it might seem as if it is trying a little too hard with the sex jokes that break the fourth wall, but it is all so fresh and shocking that I can’t really complain. There are some genuinely gut-wrenching jokes in the film, and the humor never stops coming. I won’t spoil any of the jokes, but if you go and watch this NSFW trailer, it will give you a pretty good idea.

The plot is small-scale, but entertaining and compelling.

The movie is an origin story about Deadpool, and there are no crazy powerful villains or huge wars to fight. It is about a man, Wade Wilson (a former Special Forces Agent-turned Mercenary) who falls in love with a prostitute (Morena Baccarin from Firely!!! She coincidentally played a prostitute who falls in love with a morally ambiguous hero in both projects).


He finds out he has terminal cancer and decides to enroll in a program that promises to cure his cancer and simultaneously awaken his mutant genes. He undergoes a transformation at the hands of terribly bland British villain #37, “Francis”. The transformation causes him to look like “an avocado had hate sex with another avocado”, and he hunts down Francis to try to look normal again. Ryan-Reynolds-with-a-disfigured-face-in-Deadpool-327693.jpg

The story is compelling because of the real weight and believability of the two main stars. Ryan Reynolds OWNS this role, and it is definitely a career-defining moment for him.


(excuse me while I go change my pants)

Although I found Vanessa to be a bit too bland at times, I never doubted their intense, violent-lovemaking connection.

*note. NO superhero movie will live up to the action scenes in “The Winter Soldier”. So don’t get your hopes up.

The villain is lame, but not terrible.

A superhero movie is only as good as it’s villain, and if it were not for the gratuitous humor, this movie would be mediocre. The villain, Francis, is a British badass who is definitely hate-worthy, and the film gets you to hate him because of his pure douchebaggery.



Otherwise, he gives no reason for what he is doing, and he is one of the least compelling villains I have seen in the Marvel canon. Watching Deadpool kick his ass is more than satisfying, though, because Francis is a giant turd who just want to DIE ALREADY.

See It.

Ryan Reynolds makes this movie, and you will be laughing out of your seat. It is one of the most purely entertaining superhero movies to come out in a looooong time. Check it out.




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