Movie Review – “Brooklyn”


Saoirse Ronan carries this beautiful melodrama.

“Brooklyn” is a movie that revolves around the life of Eilis Lacey, a young Irish woman who immigrates to New York City for greater opportunity. She leads a relatively quiet life in Enniscorthy, the small Irish town she is from, and her move to New York, specifically Brooklyn, is jarring.

The movie is explores the process people go through when they make large moves, and it touches on themes like homesickness, opportunity, love, family, and the future. It is a beautifully shot, beautifully acted, emotional film that almost seems like its trying too hard to touch our heartstrings.


It toes the line between beautiful drama and excessive melodrama expertly, though, because of its production values, script, and acting.

We are thrown into the world of 1950’s America.

I love the 1950s. I mean, besides the lack of civil rights, the oppression of women, the lack of modern amenities…

What I really love about the 50s is the style. When a movie about the 50s gets its aesthetic right, it soars. When it is not convincing enough or too over the top, it sinks. Brooklyn definitely soars. There are many breathtaking CGI shots of 1950s New York, but the filmmakers put a lot of work into building/designing sets that feel like authentic 50s locations. MTM0MDkzNTM1MjYyNjY2NzIy.jpg

The wardrobe was excellent as well. I mean, look at the way Saoirse Ronan just rocks those glasses.

When you are watching Brooklyn, you will feel right at home in 1950s America.

The Script and acting are stellar.

This movie is fairly slow-paced, and it might seem a bit melodramatic, but you hardly even notice because of the acting and the script. It is filled with so many funny, sad, uplifting, and just all around emotional moments that are performed beautifully by it’s cast. Saoirse Ronan put in the best performance of her (young!) career thus far, and she carries the film. She is in almost every single scene, and this movie wouldn’t is all about her. She never falters one bit.


Well, they do now! Especially after that Oscar nomination she picked up! Fun fact, it’s not her first; she grabbed a Best Supporting Actress nominee for 2007’s “Atonement”.

The rest of the cast is stellar as well, and it features DOMHNALL GLEESON, one of the most talented actors around. That dude has seriously been in EVERYTHING in the last year. God, I love his face.




It very much deserves its best picture nomination. It is a pure tear-jerking, feel good movie through and through. If your not into pure drama, I wouldn’t recommend it, but for anyone else, I say see it.



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