Movie Review – “What If”


*This review is part of the “now streaming” series of reviews. “What if” can be viewed on showtime*

Cute, forgettable date fodder.

“What if” follows a tried and true formula. Couple have chance meeting, couple start a friendship, couples confide in their friends, couple have romantic moment, something creates drama between them couple, one person leaves, the other stops them and professes their love.

Nothing is great or terrible about “What if”. It’s utterly forgettable, but in the best way. The couple are together in the end, and we are left happy, a bit tipsy, and ready to make out with whoever we watched this movie with.


The one thing that is sort of refreshingly out of the ordinary about “What if” is their cast. Though no major cast member is the member of a minority group, a barrier Hollywood is still overcoming, they are all a bit weird-looking, compared to the traditional hotties that plague modern rom-coms. Perhaps it makes the story about more grounded that a few normal-looking people fall in love.


Wallace, played by Harry Potter, is a 5’6″ weirdo med school dropout, and Chantry, played by Zoe Kazan, is an awkward but cute animator.

Adam Driver (once again) plays hipster douchebag Allen who falls in love with Nicole, played by Mackenzie Davis.

The actors all have great chemistry onscreen, and there are a few funny one-liners here and there. They truly are the best part of this film.


But only watch it for what it is. It’s definitely not a bad date night movie for couples looking to relax, not think too hard, and be happy.


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